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The Urban Drive Style bikes come straight from Berlin and were chosen by us for their neo-retro design reminiscent of old motorcycles from the mid-twentieth century, their characteristic style with their large 20x4 tires will know how to turn heads along the way but not only, always concerned with the design of the vehicles that we put in your hands, we have also chosen them for their robustness and their adaptability making them the only bikes in their category capable of accommodating a rear passenger, the SUV of electric bike to summarize, it is in our eyes very important because we want young and old to be able to enjoy the XL TOUR adventure and this is made possible thanks to the different seat configurations that we adapt according to the composition of your group.


Warning: The saddles of the bikes are not adjustable, the riders must be 1m55 minimum and ideally wear comfortable clothes that do not interfere with the movements of the thighs.

+ Hydraulic brakes

+ Adaptable electric assistance + 25km/h

+ Side stand

+ Powerful front headlight

+ Adaptable and 100% compatible Thule baby seat

+ Passenger seat + Adaptable footpegs (150 kg max)

Moke 2 places


Moke siège bébé

MOKE x Thule Baby seat


Cale pieds

segway x bel & bel


A Segway ride in Paris yes, but not with just any Segway.


When the Barcelona designers Bel & Bel decide to reinvent the design of the Segway and to combine it with the sauce of the iconic Italian Vespa scooters , it is a real little bomb that emerges. How not to fall under the spell ? We suggest you ride them for one lap and see it for yourself, guaranteed.

Apart from the changing design, the controls of the Segway are exactly the same as on a so-called "classic" Segway, forward / backward movement being effected by slight movements of the rockers , while the turns are effected by applying pressure on the handlebars.

Driving from 12 years old, accessible to all. Flip-flops and heels prohibited.

+ Up to 20 km / h

+ Easy to use

+ Front headlight

+ Controlled speed limitation device available

Vélos classiques x Bocyclo

Vélo classique enfant

+ Child model available (6 to 11 years old) suitable for a height of 110 cm to 135 cm

Cocorico we are here on a 100% made in France bike, at XL Tour even when it comes to offering you regular a bike tour we see things big and we seek for the best by teaming up with the French cycle brand BOCYCLO.

+ Ultra XL comfort saddle

+ 100% aluminum frame and equipment for an ultra-light bike

+ Shimano nexus 3-speed



Vélo cadre confort

+ Comfort model (12 to 80 years old) suitable for a height of 145 cm to 185 cm.

Vélo cadre design

+ Design model (12 to 80 years old) suitable for a height of 150 cm to 195 cm.

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